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Pilates exercise is a world favourite among celebrities and models as it is a low-impact form of exercising that elongates and tones the muscles. While resistance training certainly has its benefits, not everyone appreciates the more muscular look. Pilates, when combined with good nutrition, can make one appear slimmer, younger and fitter. However, the benefits of doing Pilates classes are expansive and ever limitless. In many ways, this can even save yours and your family’s life. Here’s how:

Pilates exercise helps in managing stress

Pilates fitness is becoming more popular in the U.K. for a number of reasons. You see attainable results super fast, which is a great source of motivation and stamina. You also experience an endorphin buzz at the end which can be a great stress-buster. Whether after a long day at work or first thing in the morning, Pilates exercise is an excellent way to blow off some steam and get in those feel-good hormones.

Pilates exercise helps reduce belly fat

Pilates and losing belly fat are absolutely linked. Belly fat has been linked to a higher risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. When done regularly and in conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet, Pilates workouts can quickly reduce your midsection without having to do any direct ab exercises with those bulky machines. Pilates for weight loss is one of the most achievable forms of fitness attainable by any person at any level of ability.

Pilates exercise lowers blood pressure

Studies show that regular pilates exercise lowers blood pressure significantly. This is great news for people who have a tendency for high blood pressure or for those who lead high stress lives. Stressful daily activities can contribute to high blood pressure, which could lead to long-term diseases in the future. Integrating Pilates workouts into your week alleviates stress and helps keep you calm and it lowers blood pressure considerably letting the system settle into a gentle fitness which suits any age or level of health.

Pilates exercise gets your heart pumping

Pilates fitness is also a form of cardiovascular exercise because it gets your heart pumping, provided you keep up the intensity. You can do this by keeping the rest times short or not resting in between poses, by attending more advanced classes or by doing harder poses. The key is to keep the difficulty high enough that you know your muscles will be burning and the sweat will be pouring down your face by the end of it.

Pilates exercise helps with rehabilitation and prevention of injuries

Pilates sessions are gentler on your muscles and joints, so it’s good for rehabilitation and prevention of injuries. If you’re lucky, your insurance company might even cover Pilates classes under health and wellness. Physical therapists highly recommend Pilates because it exercises the muscles safely and effectively. If you have experienced strain in the past including injury or illness pilates exercise can help. You can gently and effectively restore optimum health with Pilates, restoring mobility and strength with a flexibility and comfort which is easy on the back, neck and ligaments.

Pilates fitness keeps you young

Pilates workouts have been claimed to cause the release of anti-aging chemicals into the body. These help the body feel and look younger from the inside out because it promotes wellbeing and improves mood. Since Pilates exercise focuses on proper breathing, aligned motions and stretching, it helps in releasing negative emotions that could wreak havoc on your central nervous system. Pilates fitness also increases energy and induces calm which improves sleep and that in turn keeps you younger for years.

Pilates exercise helps you become more aware of your body

Pilates helps you get in touch with your inner self and really familiarize yourself with your own body. Can you feel the tips of your toes all the way up to the tips of your fingers? Do you know how to clench one buttock without moving the other? You know you are in form and you know what it is useful for. These may seem like hapless tricks, but when you have a great connection with your body, it also helps you notice the good and bad changes that occur. So in the event that you may notice a symptom that is worth getting checked out by a doctor, you can do so quickly so that medical care can be administered quickly. This is the same with Pilates and fitness and overall health and longevity. Pilates can spell the difference between life and death for some people, so don’t take this Pilates benefit for granted.

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