“I would highly recommend training with Keith as he is not just focused on helping you achieve your fitness and conditioning goals but more importantly in doing it safely. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the human body and his training and knowledge of Pilates is an important addition to all our training sessions. He tailors my sessions to my body’s specific needs/issues on the day and pays as much attention to the body’s post training recovery, making sure you stay injury free and you are building your fitness safely. This is something I’ve not found with PTs I’ve worked with previously, to the same standard. I would definitely recommend him as he is easy to work with and really listens to what you want/need whilst encouraging you to challenge yourself.” Vicki Willatt

“Been working with Keith Elliot for some time now and really can’t recommend him enough. I’ve reached goals and seen results above and beyond what I expected, and enjoyed the journey too!  He’s a total professional who challenges just the right amount, and has an incredible amount of knowledge about fitness and the human body. I’ve trained with him both at the gym and from home via zoom, and the plans he puts together are always tailored perfectly to my needs. Gutted I didn’t start training with him sooner!” George Hartley

“Keith has been my personal trainer for the last 5 years. I was suffering with lower back pain due to an old prolapsed disc, and needed to strengthen my core and the supporting muscles. He is excellent at adapting the sessions and workouts to how my body is feeling, in regards to which muscles need strengthening or stretching. His approach is holistic and is very supportive and encouraging as a trainer. This is invaluable to my health and fitness and why I am a regular client.” Rebecca Larsen

“I have been working out with personal trainers for over 30 years. Previously when running my own business I appreciated the convenience of a personal trainer coming to my home twice a week before I started my day. After selling my business I joined a gym and worked out with personal trainers there. But I always preferred the privacy and quiet of training at home. Seven years ago I was recommended to Keith Elliot and we have been training together ever since. Of all the trainers I have encountered he is simply the best. He has deep knowledge of the body and all its muscle groups. He is quietly effective and demonstrates tremendous ability. He has adapted exercises to suit me, my body and my age without fuss or histrionics. His Pilates training and qualification means he is conscious of exercising without compromising muscle groups or body structure. He has a gentle manner and a good sense of humour. Together we have worked out a routine that suits my requirements and keeps me fit and toned. He is the only personal trainer that gives a personal massage of leg muscles when the session is over – and believe me it’s worth all the effort to get to that “roll out”! At 77 years of age I am delighted to be still training with Keith -and if ever I win the lottery he will be employed on an exclusive basis to help me keep fit and hold back those years!” Janet Weitz

Nick Collon testimonial KeithCoreFitness

“I’m a musician. I needed to build my strength and flexibility because mine is a physical job. Keith was recommended to me by a friend for his pilates-based, core-building work. Keith and I immediately hit it off, and it’s been an amazing journey since then. My upper body feels completely different now, more flexible and capable. My work with Keith has improved my core strength and my posture, and has helped with my back pain and the various muscular problems that had developed as a result of my job; it’s upped my stamina all round, including in my day-to-day life, and it’s increased my ability to do my job – I’m a lot stronger now. Aside from our face-to-face sessions, Keith has helped me develop practices that I can use to sustain and strengthen myself, especially important for me as my job takes me all over the world. Keith’s ability to understand and respond to my challenges as a musician, along with his skill, care and attention to detail, means that I now work from a stronger core, and with greater physical flexibility and ease.”

Nicholas Collon – Chief Conductor and Artistic Advisor, Residentie Orkest
Nick is a violist, pianist and organist by training.


“I started training with Keith after a half-hour taster session, and from the beginning I knew I made the right choice. He is fantastic and very knowledgeable about the body, which comes in very handy when you have any slight aches or pains. He knows all about every muscle and always pays great attention to posture alignment and breathing techniques throughout the workout. I wanted to tone up my body for the summer and within 4 months that’s exactly what happened. At 57 years of age I feel fantastic and my body is in the best shape ever. I have worked with many Personal Trainers over the years but Keith is by far the best, and, in my opinion, worth his weight in gold. I hope this gives you some insight into how much I respect I have for Keith and how he continues to keep me fit and healthy.” Lady Anne Doyle (visit our YOURCORE page to see a video of Lady Anne training)


“My first training session with Keith started when I was involved in Paralympic sport. I was attracted by the short but highly effective core and conditioning workouts, supplementing my professional training regime. He provides challenging and engaging programmes, that are focused on building strength and optimising energy levels. Personal Training should just be that, ‘personal’. Keith excels in his ‘personalised’ approach, sharing his hands on knowledge of Sports Science, meeting your goals to take you to the next level! My time in professional sport, I have been lucky to train with some of the best. Keith definitely fits in this category. Keith comes highly recommended, whatever level you are at, programmes are fully optimised to you suit you, and results are guaranteed!” Rakesh Maisuria, Senior Project Manager at Shell P&T


“I started to work with Keith having suffered from both back and hip problems. Keith used a combination of diverse training methods, individual exercise programmes and friendly personal encouragement to slowly correct the damage that had been caused. Using a variety of methods from Pilates, weights and cardio, Keith was able to use techniques and his advanced knowledge in fitness to push me to achieve my goals. Keith set goals that were achievable with my problems yet strengthened and pushed my strength, flexibility and fitness. Keith would continually assess my condition and if needed alter the programme accordingly. I am now in considerately less pain and feel stronger and healthier than ever thanks to Keith.” Emily-Clare Thorn (visit our YOURCORE page to see a video of Emily-Clare training)

“Keith has been delivering CorpCore TRX sessions at uSwitch for a year. These have steadily grown to be one of the most popular classes in our suite of fitness sessions and there is now a weekly waiting list! Keith ensures that each session is specifically tailored to the attending participants, regardless of their level of fitness or flexibility. Keith demonstrates each exercise offering different levels (for beginners to advanced) and modifications in order to ensure all participants receive the maximum benefit from each session. Keith’s level of knowledge regarding the body biomechanics is exemplary. He has the ability to develop and grow an individual’s overall fitness whilst influencing a positive mental approach to success. Indeed, regular attendees have reported improved flexibility, core strength, endurance and general improvements in fitness levels. Keith is reliable, honest, trustworthy and also good fun to work with! We are lucky to have him provide such a wonderful and professional service for us.” Daphne Scott-Sawyer, Director of HR uSwitch.com (visit our CORPCORE page to see a video of part of a TRX training session at uSwitch.com)


“I have been training for a number of years now and even have a background in Physical Education and Nutrition, but have recently found myself lacking in motivation due to losing the fitness I once had as I have spent the past couple of years travelling. This is the first reason I looked to Keith for some help and motivation in getting myself back in the gym and building my fitness and strength. After just one free session, I knew I had made the right decision. I was only going to try out a few sessions to help get me into a routine again and get some new ideas to help motivate me, but have now been training with Keith for 4 months. Keith has helped me to enjoy going to the gym again and has helped to build my confidence in a gym setting. Keith offers a fresh approach to weight loss and strength training by coming up with all sorts of new exercises which are both challenging yet interesting and enjoyable at the same time (yes, I did say enjoyable!) After tough days at work, I find myself going home happy with myself for going along to the gym and giving my all when training with Keith, as I know I will carry on seeing results as I already am. I am happy to say my fitness levels are back up to where they were a couple years ago and I feel stronger and leaner than I have felt in a long time. Thanks Keith for your help!” Annaliese Davies


“It’s like we’ve signed up for a fitness class at the gym, and having a fitness session at the office before we finish for the day is great. Keith works us all hard and at the same time focuses on those that need a little bit more attention. He pushes us and gives us more than one variation of each exercise to cater to the different levels we’re at. I’ve definitely been getting results and choosing to take on the ‘more challenging’ version of exercises.” Sabrina Mills, uSwitch.com


Training with Keith is without hesitation the best choice I’ve made in pursuing my workout goals. His qualification in pilates, kettle bells and TRX changed the way I’m hitting the gym… goodbye lower back problems! Professional and friendly, it’s a pleasure to train with Keith.” Ludovic Roussaux


Keith offers a one hour taster session for only £65 (normally £75) so you can decide if he is the best possible trainer for you. Share your goals with him and he will contact you to talk through what you’d like to get out of your first hour of training.

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*Results may vary from Person to Person