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Whatever level of fitness you are starting from, you can improve your body and state of mind with the help of a great personal trainer. Keith’s toning and weight loss programme will be tailored to your specific individual needs. He understands the pitfalls and frustrations that can be involved in carrying out a fitness regime. Alone it can seem an impossible task. But, with Keith at your side, every step of the way, you will be amazed at what you can do!

Keith’s programmes get results. His techniques have been specially developed to help people with busy lifestyles to acquire their dream body and new levels of inner confidence. You will feel good and more energetic faster than you might imagine.

Keith’s one-to-one personal training (please see Terms and Conditions) incorporates the latest innovative training techniques to insure that noticeable weight reduction and an increased feel good factor is ensured within the minimum amount of time. His is a holistic approach that will increase your mental focus, confidence, posture, flexibility and wellbeing. Keith’s philosophy is to improve the whole body and mind, not just externally but internally as well, with a variety of elements like aerobic exercise, pilates, weights, chi kung, diet and nutrition. He draws on his extensive knowledge and experience of many techniques to give you exactly what you need. If you’re ready to see a better you AND feel a better you, don’t wait till tomorrow, get in touch today!

Keith offers a one hour taster session for only £65 (normally £75), the perfect way to decide if he is the best possible trainer for you. Share your goals with him and he will contact you to talk through what you’d like to get out of your first hour of training.

Watch some videos of Keith’s clients in action. You can see solo training, buddy training, and clients of all ages working successfully to improve their bodies and fitness levels.

The gym environment is not for everyone, and that’s the case for Suzie. In her mid 50s, she preferred to have a workout in the comfort of her own home and still reach her weight loss and toning goals, without any compromise on the quality of work.

Emily had hip alignment issues along with poor core stabilisation. We devised this series of exercises to help to realign her hip and strengthen her core also to improve her flexibility and muscle tone.

Szlivi and Maria do fundamental to advanced pilates exercises to improve core stability, joint stability, postural alignment, reduce stress levels, reduce lower back issues, flatten the stomach, improve lymphatic drainage, and reduce risk of injures.

Glenn had weight loss goals and was often ‘chained to a desk’ all day. Keith set about strengthening his core in a fun way as Glenn enjoys a challenge and loves variation in his workout.

Lady Anne is a self confessed fitness fanatic who had been training with other personal trainers for a number of years but had plateaued.  The regime Keith devised for her was quite advanced for a woman of 57, but as you can see she is living proof that age is just a number.

Not everyone likes to train alone and buddy training is a great option. Sarah and Naomi are flat mates and they train together. When you train with a partner or a friend, you know their strengths and weaknesses so you are in a great position to motivate them when the going gets a bit tough!

Remember, Keith offers a one hour taster session for only £65 (normally £75), the easy way decide if he is the best possible trainer for you. Share your goals with him and he will contact you to talk through what you’d like to get out of your first hour of training.


Training with Keith is without hesitation the best choice I’ve made in pursuing my workout goals. His qualification in pilates, kettle bells and TRX changed the way I’m hitting the gym… goodbye lower back problems! Professional and friendly, it’s a pleasure to train with Keith.” Ludovic Roussaux

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“I started to work with Keith having suffered from both back and hip problems. Keith used a combination of diverse training methods, individual exercise programmes and friendly personal encouragement to slowly correct the damage that had been caused. Using a variety of methods from Pilates, weights and cardio, Keith was able to use techniques and his advanced knowledge in fitness to push me to achieve my goals. Keith set goals that were achievable with my problems yet strengthened and pushed my strength, flexibility and fitness. Keith would continually assess my condition and if needed alter the programme accordingly. I am now in considerately less pain and feel stronger and healthier than ever thanks to Keith.” Emily-Clare Thorn

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