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The Importance of Stretching and Flexibility

A sedentary lifestyle can negatively impact one’s flexibility and mobility. Flexibility and mobility in Pilates is important. As you age, the extent and the ease of doing varying range of motion activities—also known as flexibility and mobility—becomes limited primarily because of bad posture and immobility. This is particularly true for people who work office jobs that require prolonged periods of sitting or leaning over a computer.

Nonetheless, it is never too late to get back in the Pilates fitness game and enhance your level of mobility and flexibility. Through stretching and range of motion exercises, you can dramatically improve your overall health. Why? Well, if you can’t see any reason to stretch a bit further and run a few more miles to get fit, we have listed some of the advantages that can motivate you to bid goodbye to your sedentary lifestyle.

Stretching and Mobility: Is there a Difference?

Fitness experts will say YES! Stretching aims to improve your level of flexibility. Flexibility is the your body’s ability to perform range of movements around a joint. However, just because you are gifted with flexibility, does not automatically mean that you will be skilled at performing movements quickly and efficiently. Mobility pertains to your ability to move and reach your body’s full potential even if you are given varying range of motion exercises. Simply put, it is how well you move and pilates flexibility can be perfect for improving your mobility achievements.

For Pre and Post Workout

Have you ever tried performing rigorous Pilates training sessions without a proper warm up and stretching routine? If you have, you might have noticed that your body was not performing as well as it should be. Neglecting the importance of working and stretching your muscles before and after workouts is a surefire way of waking up to uncomfortable—and painful—joints and muscles.

Stretching and mobility are essential to any and all workout routines because it considerably lessens the stress your muscles and joints go through when you are working out. So if you want to make sure that you can still hit the gym injury-free, perform your warm-up and stretching exercises before and after Pilates workouts for the best results.

Lowers Risk of Injury

Jumping into extreme workout routines, even in the gentle and repetitive Pilates style, can put your joints and lean muscle groups right away under tremendous stress. This is because they are not used to the demand. This can lead to mobility and flexibility issues because your muscles are not cut out for heavy training yet. To help your muscles adapt to your routine, you have to stretch and condition it first. Miss the opportunity to stretch out and you could effectively be losing years of mobility after your workouts. Regardless of age or fitness levels, Pilates can and does shape your fitness and flexibility into a fashion which suits you best.

Improvement in Posture

Bad posture is always equal to a bad workout, and that’s a fact. By stretching and doing mobility exercises in Pilates, you are also developing your posture since you will be able to place less stress and tension on your muscle groups. This is primarily because if you have bad posture, you are also forcing your muscles and joints to overcompensate. You’ll get away with it every once in a while, but over time without stretching this could lead to muscle imbalances and improper form that could result in injuries.

Makes Life Generally Better

Are you tired of not being able to tie your own shoes because your back hurts? Do you wish you could carry your kids around the shops when they get tired? Stretching and mobility in Pilates helps you perform daily routines with ease since your muscle groups are already primed for work. Plus, it makes you fit for other rigorous exercises you haven’t tried out yet.

Pilates for Stretching and Mobility

Pilates exercise is excellent for stretching and mobility because it incorporates the system created by Joseph Pilates which works solely with the purpose of optimizing the human experience. With Pilates, and importantly in Pilates for men and Pilates for weight loss, every client has the ability to expand their physical motion to one of flexibility, good posture, flow and strength.

Before Pilates, if you have experienced any of the physical troubles listed above, Pilates as a stretching and mobility core are an excellent practice for alleviating symptoms of ill health and returning the human to its valued and most realistic potential. A Pilates class a day will quickly alleviate mobility troubles and stretching out all of the muscle groups so that one is lean and fit again and healthy in all strengths.

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