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Why choose online training?

Do you want to cut fat, gain muscle, and move and feel better? Then online training might be just what the doctor ordered. Generally, to get into shape the choices were slim: get a gym membership, do some cardio, do the basic strength training routine and do your best to eat right. That has all changed now, you have lots of choices ranging from training outside, at home, at the gym in the office, and now you can train online as well. General workouts are available with any of these choices and you’ll get good results if you stay focused. But to get the best bang for your buck, to get lean and mean professional advice, guidance and challenging & monthly updated workouts, all at a great price, you cannot beat online personal training.

The Value of online personal training is incredible. Most gyms charge for private training by the hour with rates ranging from £50 an hour in smaller markets to £300 or more in bigger markets. With the average three workouts a week training schedule, that can range anywhere from £600 to £3,600 a month for 12 workouts… Now don’t get me wrong, you’re going to get some incredible trainers and training at all of those levels! But for many folks, that simply is too much money. My online training package start from as little as £120 a month. This is where online personal training is by far the best answer in all circumstances answer. Online training may offer up to 4 workouts a month & a nutrition pack that get reviewed and updated each month so you can get much stronger, leaner, and fitter, with faster results!!!

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