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breathing for exercise

Breathing without any doubt is the first and last thing we do in life; it is a movement pattern within itself and as such should be practised and mastered to gain the full benefits.

Breathing correctly is important while exercising for many reasons. One of which is that it helps with posture. The same muscles that help us with our posture are the ones that also help us breath.

Good breath = Good posture.

Breathing can also help us lose weight because proper breathing combats stress and if our bodies are feeling stressed we go into survival mode — slowing metabolism, storing fat because our body is releasing more cortisol, and preventing us from improving our cardiovascular capacities. If we are breathing right, we are relaxed and our bodies function better, now what about breathing and weight loss? The simple answer is that breathing simply allows us to do more. If we breathe right, we can experience a greater range of motion while exercising, do more exercises in a limited amount of time, and work our bodies harder in a routine because it’s being fuelled by oxygen.

Those who practice Pilates are already familiar with Lateral Breathing. This involves inhaling into the lower back and side muscles of the ribs cage creating a 3 dimensional effect which activates Transverse Abdominis which is perhaps one of the most important core stabilising muscles due to its profound effect on intra abdominal pressure.

Two of the most common types of breathing is breathing in through the nose or in through the mouth. Often, people breathe faster than they should while exercising, or they even hold their breath. And generally, those who are “mouth breathers” have a slightly harder time breathing deeply. Drawing air in through the nasal slows our breath and yet allows us to draw in more oxygen than through the mouth. Studies have also shown that people who are better nasal breathers also have better posture. Again, this can be likened to those who regularly practice Pilates and practice controlling their breath.

There are many different types and styles to breathing which I will go into more depth on my next blog but if you can’t wait till next week please feeling free to leave a comment on this blog page or contact me at