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core stability and balance keithcorefitness

The body is a kinetic chain and all the systems and muscle groups play important roles in this chain. Core stability, strength and balance are important components of performance within many every day functions. However, the relationship between these components is not fully understood.

When your core muscles work well, they help to hold the spine steady reducing pressure on the joints and discs in your back. If your core muscles are not working well, there is increased strain on the ligaments, joints and discs in your back, making you more prone to pain and injury. Normally, when the body is working optimally, your core muscles are operating at a very low level providing constant support for the spine. When something disrupts this normal balance such as pain, heavy lifting, poor posture, pregnancy, prolonged immobility or weight gain, the core muscles no longer work constantly leaving your spine exposed to increased strain which may lead to pain and injury. There are various specific core strengthening exercises you can do to improve your stability. Just learning to correctly activate these muscles can be surprisingly tricky for many people!  A great way of improving and maintaining healthy core stability is doing Pilates  & Balance training on a TRX’s coupled with some Kettlebells sessions. I’m sure you would be able to achieve amazing results in your everyday life & beyond.