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single-leg-burpee keithcorefitness

This highly-integrated exercise combines an explosive get-up with a TRX Lunge. Each of these exercises are great on their own but when combined, they offer some very interesting benefits. Hip mobility, single-leg strength and power, core strength and upper-body explosiveness are only a few of the elements that are at work. Additionally there are a number of variations and additions to the exercise that will keep it challenging and interesting.

Here’s how to do it.

Place TRX into single hand mode by pushing handles through yellow part of the upper strap twice and pulling it tight to secure. Place foot into strap keeping all body weight on the supporting leg, bring your upper body forward till your hands reach the floor and are parallel to your chest and extend both legs backwards till your in a plank position hold this for 1-2 sec’s then return the free leg to the floor roughly to the centre of your body with the heel firmly place on the floor,push through the heel to stand upright and finish with the two knees in alignment to complete one rep repeat for required reps

Have fun integrating this into your training!