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TRX is portable and provides greater performance and functionality than large exercise machines costing thousands

One of the key TRX’s benefits is that you are able to complete a huge amount of exercises with a single training tool. Given that you can adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance, this workout is safe and effective for people of all fitness levels.

The centre of gravity in the human body lies right above our hips along the central axis of the body. Centre of gravity changes with every move of your body. However, it stays within the limits of the body when you do regular common activities. While moving, the body controls the centre of gravity with muscles TRX allows you to deliberately change your centre of gravity, which challenges your muscles even more.

Look around most gyms &  health clubs and you will see exercise machines with seats, supports and benches. Sitting down while doing exercises lessens the opportunity to develop postural and stabilizing muscles that are critical for effective movement. Training while standing, or engaging the whole body, forces you to control and strengthen the body’s stabilizing muscles.

Integrated exercises engage intensive, interconnected movements, often multi-planar, which require coordinated efforts. This type of exercise enhances the nervous system’s ability to effectively coordinate movement at higher levels and build strong motor patterns, increase stabilization and functional muscle mass.

The benefits are endless contact me on 07931 730 999 to find out more & book to try a TRX session for yourself.