Stuck at home under lockdown? Now you can still take part in group or one-to-one online pilates classes from your own home …

Group video classes are available five times a week:

  • Monday 12 noon
  • Wednesday 12 noon
  • Thursday 6pm
  • Friday 3pm
  • Saturday 2pm

You can either do these on an ad-hoc basis, or book blocks of classes:

  • Single class: £5
  • 4 classes a week: £15 (one free)
  • 5 classes a week: £20 (one free)

One-to-one classes are also available:

  • 45 minutes: £30
  • 60 minutes: £40

To book group classes, please make a PayPal payment to
For single class bookings, put the date for which you are booking in the comments.
For weekly bookings, put the date of the first class you want to take in the week.

To book one-to-one sessions, please email your phone number to to arrange. Or just call 07931-730999.