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Pilates can really make a difference to your body and you will feel it. Here we go with the top 10 benefits:

Whole body exercise

Unlike other forms of exercise that target typical areas, Pilates is a complete body exercise. It takes body as an integrated whole and focuses on core strength. Pilates increases strength and improves development of muscles thereby increasing your flexibility.

This unique form of exercise combines breath, body and mind that mean an integrated fitness of both the body and mind. Remember, a healthy mind lives in a healthy body.  This is why Pilates is popular even in the rehab centres.

Stronger Core

Pilates will give you the abs you have always wanted – the flatter stomach. But let me remind you when we want to develop abs we pay a lot of attention to weight loss and not to developing strength of core but the Pilates will give you all of this. The Pilates improves your body movement and thus strengthening the core without much effort.

Better body control

When we do weight training our muscles become hard and stiff.  But this does not happen with Pilates. Pilates teaches you how to move your body. You’re your know how to move your body parts and what is holding you in making proper moves than you start getting control over your body. Pilates brings your whole body in synergy.

Get long and lean muscles

As I told your above also the conventional or traditional workouts like weight training lead to building of short, bulky and tiff muscles. However, Pilates elongates and strengthens your muscles. The lean and elongated muscles, which will give you greater flexibility.

Better Posture

Good posture is very important otherwise your body is prone to pains that can get severe if neglected. Our posture depends on a strong core and since Pilates develops strong core your posture improves. With fundamental Pilates’ movements of Pilates, you will get beautiful posture just like a dancers.

Increases energy

Since your muscles move in harmony there is more oxygen in them that gives you more energy. It will also stimulate your breath as well as circulation.

Weight loss

Well, this is one of the benefits that every one of us would want from any form of exercise which we take. Pilates, of course, will help in weight loss and that to complete weight loss than just point reductions. Along with weight loss, it will also tone your body.

Reduce stress

As I told you Pilates stimulate your circulation and breathing this means your mind also gets a lot more oxygen which helps to reduce stress. It will calm you down.

Improves concentration

In doing Pilates, emphasis is put on learning and performing each step rightly which improves reflex action as well as learning.

Improved Cardio health

Pilates enhances your Circulation which in turn lower blood pressure and other stress-induced factors, thereby increasing your cardiovascular health