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Our latest Online Fitness Training Offer: Get Your Beach Body Ready by Summer

Don’t wait until the last minute to start getting beach body ready. Keith has prepared an online fitness training programme that is proven effective at torching fat and creating the muscle definition you need to rock that swimsuit. Look good, feel good and enjoy your summer knowing that you took steps towards getting into the best shape of your life without having to sacrifice a ton of resources to do so.

How does Online Fitness Training work and what do you get?

You are taught to utilise bodyweight exercises for strength, conditioning and flexibility. When you learn to use your bodyweight, you can perform the specified exercises in the programme whenever, wherever. This is highly beneficial for frequent travellers or for those who are very little free time. Along with the bodyweight exercise component, there is a Pilates course that is appropriate for both men and women. Pilates is a low-impact full body workout that will burn a lot of calories* in just a short amount of time.

You will also receive an in-depth guide on how to properly perform all the exercises along with step-by-step videos. This will enable you to perform the exercises with proper technique for maximum results.

At only £35 (reduced from £80), save up to 56% on a truly outstanding deal. Act fast because slots are limited due to the increasing demand leading up to the warmer months. Be one of the first to show dedication to your goals by signing up now.

*Results may vary from Person to Person

The Benefits of a KeithCoreFitness Online Training Programme, always perfect for people with busy lifestyles:

  • You get your own Personal Trainer in your pocket
  • You save money on 1-2-1 Personal Training but get the results you want
  • You get a written description of all exercises with supporting videos: you’re in no doubt of what you are doing
  • You save time normally spent getting to the gym
  • You can track your own progress so you can celebrate your success

The technical stuff that makes it even more convenient:

  • You can download App on IOS or Android phone
  • You can view all programs and coaching in the palm of your hand even when there’s no internet available
  • You get online support if needed – Keith is with you every step of the way

Remember. ONLY £35 (normally £80 for a similar package from Keith)

 A saving of more than 56%! Treat yourself.